The book of Acts records how the early church met in homes for prayer, teaching, and fellowship (Acts 2:4612:1220:20). The Bible also commands us to minister to one another in our journey of faith (Hebrews 3:1310:24-25;Galatians 6:2Colossians 3:16James 5:161 Peter 4:8-9Ephesians 4:32). Cross Pointe attempts to model this each week in our Community Groups. Community Groups are comprised of six to twelve people, meeting in various homes, on various nights, throughout Sioux Falls. Outside of Sunday morning worship, this is where individuals meet to build relationships and live out the truths of the gospel.

We currently have coed groups meeting on Tuesday and Friday evenings. They’re a great time of fellowship and studying the word together.

Besides the coed community groups, we also have both a women's and a men's ministry that meet at the church to pray, to fellowship, and to study the Bible:

  • Men's Ministry: Saturday mornings, weekly, from 7am to 8am at Cross Pointe
  • Women's Ministry: Sunday evenings, monthly, from 6:30pm to 8pm at Cross Pointe

In addition to our community groups and men's/women's ministries, equipping classes are held Sunday mornings before the service from 9am to 10am.